Factors Influencing Emergence of the CDO Role (Part 2 of a Series)

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chief_digital_officer_cool_600In the first of this series, we talked about how the roles of the CMO and CIO/CTO are converging with (and sometimes into) the role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Now, let’s look at what’s driving this role merger. A primary driver of the emergence of the CDO role is, of course, the move to digital transformation. With the number of mobile devices exceeding the number of PCs and Wi-Fi nearly ubiquitous, it’s essential to have a marketing leader in place who’s up-to-speed with the latest technology and trends.

Traditional marketing strategies alone no longer bring about engagement with today’s customers. An organization’s marketing and branding strategy must be re-evaluated from the ground up in order to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy audience.

A Few Key Concepts


The concept of converged media means a marketing leader must work to leverage all types of media to reach the target audience. In the past, an organization could focus primarily on paid media (TV/radio/newspaper ads, mail campaigns, etc.) and work to get exposure on free media. But this is no longer a viable strategy. Today’s organization must develop a workable strategy with online and social media components forming a large part of the overall plan. Using converged media is important because:

  • It takes multiple exposures to a message for consumers to believe it.
  • While social media is pervasive and popular, not as many people see social media content as you may think.
  • Leveraging earned media within your owned channels brings customer loyalty because they want to help you tell your story once they’ve been won over.


The patient experience is becoming the heart of modern marketing because:

  • Distance between a communications message and patient experience has collapsed to a click.
  • The experience often starts online and crosses all devices, defines your brand.
  • Social media gives everyone who has a experience with you – good or bad – the ability to share their story with others.

For these reasons, the patient experience is now paramount to marketing. Just remember to focus on the “patient journey,” not just individual interactions.


More and more, the marketing technologist is an essential member of the marketing team. With increasing sophistication of technology, an understanding of the underlying components of the various platforms is required. This doesn’t mean that marketers need to be coders. But every marketing organization must become technology‐savvy. In other words, good marketing management now incorporates good technology management – a necessary component that provides differentiation and competitive advantage.


Big data … you already have much of it, but you have to be able to leverage it effectively. Every year, a half trillion dollars is spent worldwide on marketing, yet nearly 40% of it is deemed “wasted.” Data enables you to be more targeted, more effective and efficient and provides a platform to prove it. Big data is the missing link between marketing actions and results. When developing and managing your data, you should:

  • Find a data savvy manager, which isn’t easy.
  • Find a good data partner.
  • Use data to sync up corporate goals and strategies.
  • Think big, but build incrementally.


Finally, in a time of increasing technology and shrinking resources, the ability to implement agile marketing is essential for a modern marketing leader. You can no longer survive with just a static annual marketing plan. Agile marketing lets you get more done, in less time, with better results. Consider the 70:20:10 balance:

  • 70% of your marketing is planned “marketing as usual” activity.
  • 20% of your marketing is programmatic (marketing automation), in which campaigns are automatically triggered by an event and deployed according to a set of rules applied by software and algorithms.
  • 10% of your marketing is purely responsive.

These are some of the trends shaping the role of a Chief Digital Officer.

Next time, we’ll talk about how a marketing leader positions himself/herself for becoming that digital leader.



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CMO + CIO = CDO? (Part 1 of a 3 Part Series)

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CDO imageOver the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of attention paid to the emergence of a new position in the C-suite:  the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). As digital technology continues to advance and become ingrained in marketing strategy, the roles and responsibilities of marketing and tech are rapidly converging.

Executive search firm Heidrich and Struggles reports that their clients:

  • who are seeking to fill CIO/CTO positions want candidates who possess strong marketing, sales and customer service skills
  • with open CMO positions want candidates who can work with their tech colleagues to fully leverage the potential of digital technology, mobile platforms and social media.

Marketing has traditionally been considered part art – branding, advertising and image building – combined with part science – market testing and segmentation combined with a range of quantitative disciplines and analytics. But the Internet changed everything, especially by bringing the voice of the customer directly into the mix. Once that happened, the CMO was tasked with:

  • finding a way to engage customers among the myriad media choices available to them
  • using market and customer insights to focus on a target audience
  • providing targeted, customized and differentiated experiences for customers based on their input.

When “Big Data” is factored into the mix, the need for a mix of highly-skilled marketing and tech management becomes even more crucial. The convergence of marketing and tech has created new expectations and new opportunities. CMOs and CIOs/CTOs are seemingly on the fast track to fusion of these roles. The future belongs to those who seize their new hybrid roles.


Watch for Part 2 in this series:  Factors Influencing Emergence of the CDO Role 



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Best-in-Class Awards – Call for Entries Now Open

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Best+in+class+imageEach year around this time, Greystone.Net and StayWell sponsor an annual Best-in-Class Awards program to recognize our clients for outstanding Web achievements. 

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented in eight categories, showcasing the finest in hospital and healthcare system Web site content, functionality and application of strategy.  

So … is your hospital’s social media engagement growing fast? Have you redesigned your Web site this year with great results? Did you deploy digital marketing strategies that drove traffic to your site? If you answered yes to any of these, then enter your success stories in the 2014 Best-in-Class Awards and get the recognition you and your Web team deserve!

If you’re using your Web site and digital assets in ways that are Best-In-Class, then we want to hear from you. It’s time to enter the 12th Annual Best-In-Class Awards, which will be awarded on Sunday, November 2nd at Insights 2014, the Greystone.Net and StayWell annual client conference, this year in Scottsdale.

Starting July 15th through September 1st, all Greystone.Net and StayWell clients can enter their organization’s Web site, Web strategy or digital marketing efforts into any category where you feel you are Best-In-Class. This year’s categories include:

  • Best Web Site Redesign
  • Best Social Media Strategy
  • Best Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Best Use of Multimedia
  • Best Use of Mobile Strategy
  • Best Use of the Web to Support Patient Engagement
  • Best Use of Performance Analytics
  • Best Use of Health Content in Digital Marketing

Visit the Call for Entries page to learn more and to submit your entry.  And remember the old saying, if you don’t enter, you can’t win.  Best of luck! 


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Happy New Year – Greystone.Net Style

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18This year, July 15th snuck-up on me, and before I knew it, it was here and nearly gone. And July 15th is an important date in Greystone history, as it represents our “New Year” – the closing out of one year and the promise of new and exciting things to come in a new year of business for us.

Today, we begin Year 18.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in business so long. We’ve been witness to many changes in the industry, to so many new opportunities and so many good things for Greystone. Today, I was thinking back through the years and remembering all our many employees. I think we’ve had 100+ employees over the years. A lot of great people, a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.

It’s both humbling and amazing to consider all the growth and change that has occurred over the past 18 years. A big thanks to all who helped make our successes happen. We are truly blessed with a wonderful group of current and former employees, and many valued friends, colleagues and clients.

Happy new year to all!



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The Brochure is Ready! The 18th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference

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18th Annual HCIC Brochure Cover

Good news! The programming is now complete for the 18th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference and a full schedule of events can be found at www.hcic.net, where you can also view the full conference brochure.

This year, the conference will be held at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona from November 3-5, 2014. The conference will feature 56 concurrent sessions in seven educational tracks, including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Web Solutions and Tools
  • Digital Marketing
  • SoLoMo (Social | Local | Mobile)
  • e-Metrics, ROI and Business Value
  • Patient Experience and Patient Engagement
  • Advanced and Emerging Technology – New This Year!

And, there will be five keynote sessions, including:

  • Paul Szablowski from Texas Health Resources
  • Scott Stratten, marketing strategist and best-selling author of UnMarketing and other books
  • Ross Bernstein, best-selling sports author of Raising Lombardi and America’s Coach, among others
  • Andy Gradel from Jefferson University Hospital
  • Danny Fell (ND&P) and Dan Ansel (Private Health News) will be joining Mark Gothberg in the presentation of the 2014 eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

This year, there will also be four pre-conference optional educational opportunities on the following topics:

  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Responsive Design

The conference will also include an Exhibit Hall and expo featuring nearly 80 booths and vendors.

Read more about the sessions, the speakers and all the exhibit hall and social events at www.hcic.net. We look forward to seeing you in Scottsdale in November.



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