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New Findings on Patient Portals

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Several times a year, Greystone.Net conducts its own primary research on a hot industry topic. Recently our study on the use of patient portals concluded, with more than 40 organizations participating. The results reveal a number of useful findings for both healthcare marketers and vendors:

1) Based on a high response rate and a large number of verbatim comments, it is clear that patient portals are an extremely hot topic in our industry. Only 3 in 10 respondents actually have a patient portal in place, however, although 2 in 10 are in the process of building one.
2) There are many drivers of patient portal adoption, but none bigger than healthcare reform, which was cited by two out of three respondents as being the most important factor. Other big motivators are “competitive pressure” and “marketing/promotion”. What is noteworthy are the items that were not major motivators: “patient requests” and “physician satisfaction”, among others.
2) Those who have a patient portal are finding it useful for increasing loyalty and streamlining communications, but not lowering costs.
3) Epic was the most popular “vendor of choice” among both those who have built a patient portal and those who have not.
4) There appears to some confusion among those without a patient portal, as several said they would consider using vendors who do not currently have a patient portal offering.
5) Those without a Patient Portal need to overcome significant barriers in terms of finances, resources, and administrative buy-in in order to build one.

Greystone.Net’s research panel is not reflective of all hospitals/health systems, and members tend to be larger and more Internet savvy than the general population.

Our next special survey will cover the topic of Web Governance, Organization Structure, and Staffing. Greystone promise to share all results with participants and to keep any data confidential. If you or someone in your organization would like to participate in future research, please visit