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Another Google Change

April 7th, 2012 No comments

Once you begin to think you have gotten a handle on your search engine optimization, Google up and changes the game again, which means the others are sure to follow!

This past March at SXSW, Google’s Matt Cutts, announced that Google has been tweaking their algorithm to penalize sites that are “over-optimized “. Matt said that the updated algorithm will penalize sites that “throw too many keywords on the page, exchange way too many links, whatever they’re doing to go beyond what a normal person would expect.” Many organizations dedicate multiple FTEs and dollars for website optimization. The new update will help level the playing field for other sites that do not have the same resources as larger organizations have, but whose content is just as relevant as the organization’s who can afford to “over-optimize”.

The new changes will not being punishing sites that have done what experts have suggested in the past, however, the search engine will now take an even closer look at the way the content is being written. If a site’s content is topic driven, meaning the content is focused on what its visitors want and deem important and not what the search engines want, the site should not be penalized by the new update. However, if the content is heavily keyword driven the site could potentially be penalized more severely than in the past.

The same rules still apply for content, create great content focused on what your visitors want and not keyword driven simply to get the search engines to your site. Also make sure that the site is crawlable so the search engines can index the content easily.

How will this new update affect you? Has your strategy been driven towards what your visitors are asking for or keyword driven to get the search engines? If you always keep your visitors in mind, with relevant and up-to-date content you should always be one step of ahead of those who are trying to cut corners.