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We are looking for interested participants. We are always interested in having good guest bloggers and we are always open to good guest posts. If you would like to submit a post to appear on the Greystone blog, we encourage you to do so.

Here are the submission guidelines:

· The topic can be focused on any aspect of healthcare-related Web activities, applications, marketing, strategies and tactics.

· Drawing on learnings from other industries is highly encouraged and any topic that is focused on helping the hospital or health system Webmaster do his/her job better, faster and more effectively are especially welcomed.

· Try to keep the posts relatively short (250 words or less), as blog readers are scanners and busy.

· We welcome posts from all parts of the healthcare Web world including practitioners, educators and vendors. As you post, however, remember this is an educational forum and not a sales forum. Please identify yourself accurately in your posts and anonymous entries will not be posted.

· We reserve the right to edit or not use your post, but for most well written pieces, we probably won’t edit the posts at all.

If you have any good insight to share with healthcare Web leaders, please share them with us!

  1. August 4th, 2011 at 09:48 | #1


    My name is Amanda Kidd and I am a frequent reader of your blog. I am also a blogger who writes on lifestyle and health. I would love the opportunity to guest post for your readers and I can see two possibilities:

    1- I can suggest you few topics related to your site theme. You can choose any one out of them, and then I can submit the final article in a day or two.
    2- Or you can suggest me a specific theme you would like me to write on.

    All I would require is li’l credit in author’s bio at the end or beginning of the post (as per your editorial guidelines).

    Let me know if this works well with you too.

    Thanks and kind regards,

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